The Resistance Project is a collective dedicated to preserving, collating and distributing radical protest and campaign materials.

We are creating a public DIY archive of UK movements for social change, telling the stories of vibrant activist culture from the last few decades.

The Resistance Exhibition showcases photographs, videos, flyers, posters, newsletters, artwork and disobedient objects from a wide range of grassroots movements.
It is mobile and available for hire at large range of venues. Visitors are encouraged to scan and upload exhibits in the gallery, record their stories as podcasts, and learn how to archive resources to make them available to all.

At the heart of the project is the Resistance Archive, a permanent and growing online resource which:

  • Helps people to create their own shareable archives of resistance materials.
  • Gathers all these archives together in a searchable database.
  • Allows people to select particular sets of content, and embed those on their own website or blog.

For more information on how to use or contribute to the archive, or if you would like to host the Resistance Exhibition, please contact us.