How To Archive Online

Are you storing protest materials from your past  the past of your family and friends?
Photos, videos, flyers, newsletters, other disobedient objects?

We have produced a guide to online archiving for you. The guide has been written for the Resistance Project, a collective dedicated to preserving, collating and distributing radical protest and campaign materials.

Download the Guide

In the guide you can learn how to put your precious items online making them safe, accessible and inspirational.

We are also developing tools to share this decentralised network of resistance archives in exciting ways. This will include the ability to embed selected content in your own website or blog which will automatically update as new material is added.
If you have material to upload, or physical items which need to be stored safely, please contact us or come to one of our events.

Let’s make radical history – told from the point of view of the people who made it happen.